Individual Development Plan

What is a personal development plan, and all you should know about it

What is a personal development plan?
Personal development plan can be defined as a process consisting of stating what you term important, what you would like to achieve, the strengths you are already in possession of that can aid in the achievement of your desired goals and what needs some development and improvement with time. This plan helps in structuring your thinking. When you think of designing or developing something new, it does not only take one night to do it. For this reason, you should be prepared that each plan will be realized after sometime.

Tips to put into consideration for the personal development plan whether a student, a professional or at work.

1.) Baby steps.
In order to come up with a plan, it requires you inclusion of steps. Large goals are broken into their smallest components. The end result is kept in mind such that the smaller steps focus on that result.

2.) Start now.
Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.’ This applies to the development plan for self as you need to do something today concerning the plan. Lasting change takes quite some time to achieve hence you should begin now. You always can build a better tomorrow with what you do today.

3.) Embrace change.
The world keeps changing every day such that even if you do not want to change, you will by default. There is no way to escape this. It were not for change, our lives could still be in caves. Therefore, as you lay down the development plan for self, it should include ways of how you will change and the possible action you can take the. Results come from actions taken.

4.) Be accountable.
Your progress is your personal responsibility. It is you responsibility of where and what you are today. This implies that the plan is your job and therefore you should initiate all the steps it involves. No one else will bother about your plan just like the results.

5.) Challenge yourself.
The goals you state need to be out of your reach. If you get stuck to what is easy for you, less change will occur as you are denying self the satisfaction accompanied by achievement. Have a middle stand to work on a stretch goal in your development plan.

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