Individual Development Plan

Steps to Creating the Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan is a document that captures an individual’s self-development journey. It is a form of goal setting, which aims at self-improvement. Personal development plans enable individuals to identify and work on specific areas of their lives that need improvement. The two main reasons people set up personal development plans is because they are not pleased with their current position in life or they require to change a particular aspect pertaining to their life.

Steps to Creating the Personal Development Plan

A basic sample of a personal development plan has three main stages. The steps are identifying the current position of an individual in various life areas, identifying where the individual needs to be and finally building a strategic plan to enable the individual to achieve their goals.

1. The initial step involves making a list of the individual’s main areas of life; these areas include; career life, social life and relationships. The individual then rates their level of contentment with their current state in those areas. This step guides the individual to identify specific areas of their lives that need improvement.

2. The second step involves comparing the individual’s current situation to their ideal situation. This helps the individual to identify the areas that need to be improved on to bridge the gap between his present situation and ideal situation. In this step, the individual evaluates their strengths and resources at their disposal that could be used to achieve his goals.

3. The final step is coming up with an elaborate and achievable plan to enable the individual realize his life goals. This step involves the individual deciding on actions that he/she is going to take to achieve the set goals. The individual establishes sacrifices and behaviour changes they are willing to make towards making their ideal situation a reality and the duration of time; it would take to achieve the goals.

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How to Create a Personal Development Plan

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