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Personal Development Plan Writing Tips and Example


It is one thing to have a Personal Development Plan (PDP), and another to have an effect the goals in your plan. The essence of planning can never be overemphasized, especially with regards to having a successful personal and career life. It is thus important to understand what a PDP is, its importance and how to write an effective one.

What is a personal development plan and why is it important?
A PDP is a structured plan that reflects on an individual’s achievements, shortcomings, goals and an action plan on how to achieve the ambitions.
Its advantages include:

Having a target- you know what you want to achieve precisely
Planning the route- you will create strategies that help you reach your target
Understanding your obstacles- you will understand the deterrents that can bar you from achieving your target
Appreciating the greater plan- you will understand exactly what you are doing and the changes you should make to achieve your desires


Tips on writing an effective PDP

Understand why you are creating a PDP. Ideally, it should help you commit more to making significant life and career developments.
Take time to do it well. Do not write it while in a hurry. If possible, you can ask for help.
Be serious about what you want. There is no need of writing a plan if you are not committed to making the changes.
Ensure it fits your needs. Remember that this is your plan. It should thus meet your needs rather than you having to adjust your life to fit the template. You ought to be comfortable with the scheme.

Personal development plan example:
Newly appointed manager
Name, position, role, location, and any other personal description
Period- 8/2017 to 8/2018
Development focus- development in newly launched brand

Top strengths

Able to push for results
Project management


Top development requirements

Research skills
Coaching and building a team
Managing conflict
Listening skills


Development actions

1. Appoint team members from the different specializations that will help me market the brand.

Use my research skills
Timing- starts this week and finish by end week.
Cost- none


2. Work with the appointed team mates and help them develop PDP.

Ensure I use my team coaching and building skills.
Utilize my listening skills and consider feedback
Timing- starts next week, and takes a week per each team member
Cost- none, but will cost my time and that of the team members


3. Consult my manager and HR on my PDP

Timing- this week


4. Enroll for in-house supervisor essential course

Timing- During the most recent intake
Cost- approximately $400


5. Find role models

Find a role model for each of the development needs. Ask for tips and advice throughout the process. Practice the tips and advice to ensure successful brand marketing
Timing- whenever needed
Cost- none, besides my time and that of the role models
Roll out the brand marketing campaign


6. Get down to working on marketing the new brand as required.

Timing- the next ten months
Cost- yet to be agreed on


7. Review my achievements

Reassess my objectives and how I have performed at the task
Timing- 7/2018 to 8/2018
Cost- none


Whats your mission statement?

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